9/16/2022 – From Brasov

From Lyuda (Day 205): Dear brothers and sisters, It was an interesting day yesterday. We were traveling around a lot.

In the morning Katya took me to a main volunteer center and I could see how the work is organized there. It’s a big building with different departments: registration, consular help, medical help, cafeteria, playgrounds for children, meeting rooms, places with beds where people can stay, the rooms where people can pick up clothes and toys.

Katya says that in March this place was very crowded. Many-many people were coming every day from Ukraine and the volunteers there worked hard to accept them all and settle in Brasov. Some people were staying in the center for a few days or few weeks before a flat was found for them.

Now this place is not very crowded but there are people there everyday. Parents bring children for art therapy classes and for other activities, Ukrainians come there with their problems and there are always people who are ready to help them. There is free food in the cafeteria. As I was watching the work there I was thinking about the center we plan to open in Odessa and the work we plan to do there. It will be a good idea to equip in one room the place for children where we can play with them, have classes and do different activities. Another thought, we should talk to our local lawyers and invite them to volunteer in our center one day a week to help people with legal issues. I talked to a girl who works with children in this center and I want to meet with some more volunteers.

Katya and I also completed one family project that we have been doing for several months since Katya moved there. Long-long ago in the beginning of the 20th century after World War I the left-bank territories of the Dniester were ceded to Romania. My grandparents grew up under Romanian government, they traveled around Romania and studied in Romanian schools. There was a period when they lived in Brasov. And we decided to find the place where they lived. According to the stories I remember them telling and description they gave we had some clues. The building where they lived was opposite the military base, there was a shoe factory not far from there, there was a church and a cemetery nearby.

Katya explored different districts of Brasov and yesterday we found all four objects: a factory, a church , a cemetery and a military base, and we spotted the house opposite the military base. We think that we found the house where my grandparents might have lived long ago but it must have changed since then.

It’s interesting that people in Romania speak with a big negativism about the period when they had socialism and lived under the dominion of the Soviet Union. Romania, that had been free and rather prosperous before became very poor country with many restriction. So many people were repressed and killed. The orphanages were full of orphans. In this beautiful city even now one can see gray spots of apartment buildings, that spoil the general architectural style and look like simple boxes (exactly like many buildings in my country with tiny apartments which were built during the Soviet Union time). I hope that some day here in Romania and in Ukraine, too, beautiful and comfortable houses will appear in the place of these ugly buildings.

God bless your cities and your houses!

In Christ,

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