9/18/2022 – From Brasov

From Lyuda (Day 207): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday was a rainy day but it was warm and quiet, so I took my umbrella and went downtown. It was nice to walk, I went to a famous Black church. There is a monument to Johannes Honterus (1498–1549), who is standing holding out the Bible to the people. He is considered to be “The Apostle of Transylvania,” who led the Protestant Reformation in the area, lived and died in Brașov (then Kronstadt) and established the first printing press in Transylvania there in 1535. The first book printed in the Romanian language, by the deacon Coresi, was published in Brașov.

The citizens of Brasov are very glad that Prince Charles became a king. He has some property near Brasov and the local citizens often saw him walking in the mountings and going through the meadows. He liked to walk alone. There is a splash of interest to the royal family and there are a lot of posts and talks about them.

I met some more Ukrainian families here. Alex and Lena have four children. They lived in Donetsk and in 2014 when the war started they appeared in the war zone, they had to flee and came to Odessa region. Alex who is a carpenter by profession, started his own business and Lena who is a nurse found a work in the hospital. Alex’s business went so well that they soon were able to buy an apartment. But this February the war started for them again and they had to flee to Romania. Fathers of big families with many children are allowed to cross the border of Ukraine. Alex immediately began to look for a job and soon found a job at a furniture factory, his wife couldn’t find a job of a nurse, but she found a job in a café, where she works as a cook’s assistant. They are very positive and hope that the war will end soon and they will go back home.

Anna lived in Kiev region and had a good job. She worked as an architect. When the war started she came to Brasov with her daughter. The first time here was hard for her. Though they were settled in a nice apartment, they had food and all things of the first need, she felt very depressed, she didn’t want to go outside, she didn’t want to talk to anybody. She decided to find a job, but it was hard to find a job not knowing Romanian language. The only job she could find was a job of a maid in the hotel. But she was glad to work and to get some income. She feels much better emotionally now and she can speak some Romanian. Her daughter found some friends here. But their future is uncertain. The building where they lived near Kiev was destroyed and they don’t know where they will live when they come back. When we organize the refugee center in Odessa, people like Anna will be able to stay there until they resolve the problem with housing.

Tanya, our counselor, led the refugee support group yesterday. They played games and had fun. There were other families in the café that were watching and then asked if they could join and play with the group.

Today we are going to the church here in Brasov and tomorrow evening I will take a bus to go home.

I wish you a good worship day today.
In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of a Black church, the monument to Johannes Honterus and the photos of the support group meeting.

3 responses to “9/18/2022 – From Brasov”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    I always learn the most interesting history from you! Thank you.
    Often my historical thoughts regarding the Reformation center on Germany. You’ve expanded my history!



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