9/21/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Honoring First Responders

From Lyuda (Day 210): Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you for your prayers. I feel well now and I had a good trip home.

It was hard to part with my dear ones and there were some tears but I left with a good feeling because my two weeks in Brasov was full of blessings. We did so many fun things together, visited interesting places. Besides the wonderful time I spent with my daughter Katya and my grandchildren I enjoyed very much the time with the church in Brasov, it was such a blessing. And just like on my previous visit I felt again the blessing of care that Romanian government and many local people give to Ukrainian refugees.

I had a good trip home. It was raining all night and everything looked magically different reflected in road puddles. The winding road in the mountains also look different at night. Because the trees around are not seen in the dark there is a feeling that you go through the tunnel. I watched the road, prayed, thanked God for my trip, listened to music and had some sleep.

There were no adventures in Moldova, the only delay was on the Ukrainian border. In front of our bus there was a big bus full of Hasidic Jews who always come to Ukraine at this time to celebrate Jewish new year in the city of Uman. It took time checking all people there. Every year, tens of thousands of Hasidic Jewish pilgrims come to Uman from all around the world to visit the tomb of Rabbi Nachman for Rosh Hashanah — the Jewish New Year. And though there was a warning against pilgrimage amid Russian invasion, about a thousands of pilgrims have already arrived and more are coming. I hope they will be safe celebrating their event.

In the photos you can see some of the workers of the local emergency service who came to our church yesterday. These photos were taken after the bombing of the local resort zone.

Sergey met me on the border and we went home. While driving he told me about the morning event in the church. Yesterday morning our church invited the workers of the local emergency service to come to our church. The workers of this service are working hard these days.

They are the first to arrive at the bombing sites in coastal areas and sort out the rubble, get people out and give them first aid. They put out fires and help people in any difficult circumstances.

Our church members met with them. Sergey spoke and thanked them for their work they do, he said that we appreciate so much their help and their hard work and we want them to know that we always pray for them as they do this work. Then our elder Valery made a tour for them around the church, told them the history of our church and shared the gospel. After that our ladies gave them food bags and they stayed for a while and didn’t want to leave. They asked questions, shared their stories and it was seen that they were very touched. We hope to see them in our church again.

I plan to go to the local defense center today. I’ve missed the ladies we’ve been working together there for several months already.

I wish you a good day full of blessings.

In Christ,

3 responses to “9/21/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Honoring First Responders”

  1. I pray for your soldiers, but didn’t think about the first responders. Thank you for sharing. How that must have touched your heart when they were in no hurry to leave the house of the Lord.


  2. I am so glad that the first responders got a taste of His loving care for His creatures. “O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” Psalm 34:8


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