9/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Return of captives

From Lyuda (Day 211): Dear brothers and sisters, Every morning is the time for us to thank God for the new day and new blessings. This morning brought us a good news and we are so thankful for it. 215 Ukrainian captive soldiers who were kept in Russian prison are released.

They were exchanged for Russian captives. Among them 108 soldiers of legendary Azov regiment and two women-medics one of which is 9 months pregnant.

We were praying for their release for so long. They lived in prison under very bad conditions and many of our soldiers were humiliated and tortured. The process of negotiation about exchange was long and hard and we don’t know all details of it, we can only imagine what it is like to negotiate with Russia. But this process is not over, there are still many soldiers who are kept in Russian prisons. Please, pray with us of their release.

Another news that came yesterday was about mobilization in Russia. They plan to call-up 300,000 reservists and send them to kill us. But there is a big chance that while doing this many of them will be killed here. One famous Ukrainian doctor who is a blogger reminded us an old fairy-tale about cockroach which looked so scary that all big animals around were afraid of him. And that ugly insect feeling the power ordered them all to bring him their babies for lunch. And tigers, lions, elephants and others began to weep and grieve but could not resist their fear and were ready to do it. They would have done it if a sparrow had not suddenly come and eaten the cockroach. This is what is happening in Russia, the people there are so scared of an ugly small cockroach that they are ready to sacrifice their sons. We watched in the news that there were some protests in the streets of Moscow but not numerous and knowing the mentality of Russian people we can’t expect that they will be able to change something. But God can bring changes and send light to the darkness of many minds there.

Our counselor Vika, who works in crisis chat counseling the refugees who live in Europe now, told us that they got several messages from Ukrainians who were kidnapped from the occupied territories and sent to Russia. They stay there without documents and telephones. They have no opportunity to come back to Ukraine. Sometimes they have chance to send a message with somebody’s help. We need to think how we can help them and connect with the service that helps to return people home. It’s a very difficult situation and we should pray for them to find a way out.

One of our elders, Pasha Shamota, received a summons from the military registration office, he is undergoing medical examination now. Ivan has his service in our town now but he says that he might be sent to a different place next month. We hear from Paul from time to time, but we don’t know much information about him. Every day I seek the information about other soldiers whom I know. Today there was a message from my former student, Denys, on Facebook and I was glad to know that he is OK. Yesterday I heard from my cousin Valentin, he has been wounded and is in hospital now. Please, pray for our soldiers.

In Christ,

P.S. You can see the photos of our captive soldiers return

3 responses to “9/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Return of captives”

  1. What wonderful news that some soldiers, medics were able to come home. By their pictures, the light in their eyes have been snuffed out. Will truly pray. Psalm 23. 🕊


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