9/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 213): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice and cool morning and we hope to have a peaceful day today. Yesterday Odessa was attacked by drones. They call them kamikaze drones. Our air defense destroyed some of them but some hit the premises near the port in Odessa and one person was killed. These are new drones that Russia received from Iran. The same day Iran’s ambassador was expelled from Ukraine.

I communicate with the mothers of the soldiers now and hear some stories from them:

“After a hot and dry summer, the long-awaited coolness came. But we did not rejoice for long. It rained heavily and all our trenches and dugouts were flooded with water. When the rain has stopped we began to bail out water. It was night and we did it by touch. Suddenly we heard the sound of a drone above, the commander ordered everyone to freeze in place and stand so as not to make a mess of the water, because the drone will notice the movement of the water and inform of our location. We stood motionless in a water that was on a level of our knees for quite a long time, maybe it was half an hour, but it felt like several hours…”


Oleg told a story of his friend who fell in love. They both are from the same city of Ternopil and now they are fighting in the east. His friend, Peter, met a girl in a social nets who is also from their city. At first he told that he just feels bored and want to communicate with somebody. He showed Oleg the photo of the girl he met and told that it was not serious just chatting. They can’t use phone often, sometimes for several days and weeks they have no internet or are not allowed to use phones. But when they have chance it’s always good to communicate with a family and friends. Some time passed and Peter told that the girl is a very interesting companion and a person of a deep soul.

He was looking forward to the opportunity to chat with her. Soon Oleg noticed a change in his friend. He became more attentive to self-defense. “When we dig in new territory, he does it very carefully. And he is different in a battle. He tells “I have to survive. I want to go back and meet my girlfriend, and now I know why I am fighting.” Oleg says he is very impressed with the change in his friend and hopes to meet a nice girl too..

I am thinking of all soldiers who are fighting now. Winter is coming and they will have to go through many hardships. All of them have people they love and many people who love them are looking forward to hear from them every day and pray for them to be safe.

And the story of one of our clients. I had a call from a woman (Lusya) who used to live in Kiev. When the war began she went to Europe with her daughter and granddaughter. They live in Belgium now. They stay with a family who had a cat. There was a rule that their cat should always stay inside. Once Lusya opened the entrance door and forgot to close it, the cat went outside, went to the road, was hit by a car and died. The hosts were so much upset. Lusya was upset, too. As a result her blood pressure went up and she was taken to a hospital. She is back from hospital now but she is afraid that their relations with the hosts will never be the same and she is afraid to do something wrong in their house. When Lusya told me this story she felt a little better because she was able to share with somebody.

I plan the meeting of our support group today and I know that I will have more stories by the end of the day.

Please, pray for our work and for the people we work with.

In Christ,

One response to “9/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    Praying for all the brave soldiers! May God provide and protect in miraculous ways!
    Also, praying for Lusya’s hosts, may they have compassion on her and realize how much she has lost! So good she found someone to talk with.
    Love in Christ,


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