9/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 214): Dear brothers and sisters, We wish you a good worship day!

We hope to have a peaceful time for worship, because we are woken up by a siren early this morning and enemy drones are flying over our territory now. Some of them have been destroyed by our air defense but one of them hit something in Odessa, we don’t know yet what exactly.

Our little town relaxed a little bit because last few weeks were quiet. Now we have to be alert again.

Yesterday Sergey visited our local defense center and took there some electric appliances so that the ladies who work there could have tea and warm some food. The group that makes camouflage covering moved into a new building there and has some needs. There are some things that our church can help with.

The photos of our support groups meeting. I lead adult group and Tanya leads the group of teenagers.

We had a very good support group meeting yesterday. The people from Kharkiv region were very happy about the liberation of their territories. But it’s early to return, because the bombing of the territories continues and some of them have no homes there any more to return. Many buildings are destroyed. It means that they will stay here for a long time and it’s our responsibility to be with them and help them.

It will be a serious part of our refugee center work. First people who will stay in the facility will be the refugees we are already working with and know their needs very well.

We often have requests about medical help. Last week one of our refugees was looking for a specific doctor for her son. We connected her with our Dr. Anya and she referred them to the hospital in Odessa. Many of the refugees have medical problems and it’s important for us to stay in touch with our Medical clinic which is one of the ministries of our church.

A new family came to the support group yesterday – Vladimir and Natalie. They are from Popasne, the city in Lugansk region which is almost completely destroyed. Vladimir is blind and Natalie is his eyes that’s why they are always together. They have a son and they have already been to different cities before finally came to our town. They are Christians and right after they came they found a church and now they attend one of evangelical churches in our town. It was nice to have them in our group, they are very positive.

Adults enjoy playing games as much as teenagers. One of the games we played was tying shoelaces by different hands of different people. It was a competition which pair of people will do it faster. The winners received prizes – some dessert.

In the end the adult and youth groups united and played some games. It was fun.

Please, pray with us for organizing a refugee center in Odessa and for a facility where the center will be located.
We ask to send the donations to Pathway Monistries organization:

E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D.
Pathway Ministries, Inc.
288 Huntington Parc Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226

In Christ,

2 responses to “9/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Thank you for these updates. They are serious and greatly encouraging, at the same time. Praying for you and those you are helping.


  2. When I read of the variety of life-giving ministries you provide, I think of the promise Jesus made that out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water . May He continue to use and bless you.


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