9/28/2022 – Sergei – One Church

When war broke out in Ukraine, the church in Kharkiv—located just 15 miles from the Russian border—scattered. Some members fled to western Ukraine, some further west into other countries. Of the 117 church members, 50 are now living outside of Ukraine in nine different countries. Those who remained in Ukraine are in 19 different cities.

Pastor Sergei moved west to Ivano-Frankiv’sk, where he rented a building for worship and out of which they can serve and care for believers back in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine. MTW missionaries relayed the needs to the Church in the U.S., and supplies and donations rolled in. Collectively we’ve been able to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medicine to those in need, preach the gospel, and proclaim the glory of God. 

Pastor Sergei marveled at it all. “Brothers and sisters, it was incredible. This is one of the strongest testimonies throughout this time. I have seen the Church act as one.”

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