10-1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Disturbing news and memories

You can see the picture that was made on the basis of the photo of the dog on the ruins of the house in Dnipro.

From Lyuda (Day 220): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday was full of disturbing news and memories.

In the morning, the Russists shot civilians who were waiting in a civilian humanitarian convoy in Zhaporizhya region. These people were going to their relatives in the occupied territories, bringing them humanitarian aid. They wanted to take out some of the people there to the free territory. The occupants struck the convoy of cars and killed the people who were there. This is another terrorist attack done by a terrorist country.

In the afternoon Russian president made a speech and announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions -Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson. It was the speech of a man suffering of paranoia. He openly expressed his hatred for the Western countries, accused them of attempts to destroy his great country. He told that Ukraine started the war and blamed the whole world in satanism.

Eight years ago when the war first started a big group of our troops were surrounded by Russian army in the east. Russian commanders suggested that the Ukrainian soldiers leave their weapons and offered them a safe exit corridor. On this day, eight years ago, our soldiers left their weapons and moved along the road that was agreed upon. But the Russian army broke the agreement and brutally shot our unarmed soldiers. They all died. Our counselors, Vova and Angela, worked with the mother of one of the fighters who died in that corridor. She was practically paralyzed with grief. Only a year later, with the help of DNA testing, the body of her son was determined and she was able to bury him. But it took for her long time to get out of a state of emotional shock. I remember the day when she came to a group meeting and we saw her smiling, it was a good sign of her recovery…

Today we will have a meeting of our support group. There are some refugees from Kherson region. I know that they are upset by the news of annexing the territory where their homes are.

Roman, our counselor, worries a lot for his father, his father-in-law and other relatives who are in Kheson now and there no chance for them to leave.

Please, pray for the liberation of the occupied territories and for the people who are locked there.


Please, pray for the health of our counselor, Tanya. She has a problem with her stomach and doesn’t feel well.

In Christ,

5 responses to “10-1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Disturbing news and memories”

  1. Lyuda,
    You are spot on. Putin’s speech was a theatrical fairy tale. The delusion and paranoia are beyond measure.

    So happy to hear that the woman who lost her son is smiling again. God’s grace abounds!


  2. I hope they honored those Ukranian soliders who were needlessly shot 8 years ago. It reminds me of Joab in 1 and 2 Samuel, who betrayed two innocent leaders in David’s army, killing them. Yet, before David’s eternal rest, he wanted to insure Joab got justice, through his son Solomon. Praying the blood of these men was,or will be vindicated.

    Praying Psalm 31:21 for those in Kherson, and Psalm 33..for the church in Ukraine.

    I’m so sorry for all this devasting news, but praying in the midst of all this darkness, the Lord’s light may shine, that you might see his unfailing love towards you, bringing comfort. He is the shepherd of the sheep🐑, and as the mountains surround Jersusalem, he surrounds his people. May you know of his infinite care. 💜


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