10/2/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: Great news in Ukraine today as, less than 24 hours after putin declared it to be the land of the russian federation, the city of Lyman was liberated by Ukrainian forces. Some are reporting that the soldiers there were told they could not withdraw strategically or surrender to Ukrainian forces yesterday (Friday) because it wouldn’t be good optics on the same day as the annexation celebration. The result of planning your military strategy around scheduled celebrations is not good. Some estimate that as many as 5,000 russian soldiers were in Lyman as the pocket closed around them. It appears that many tried to escape on the road east… but as the Ukrainian Department of Defense stated, “Almost all russian troops deployed to Lyman were successfully redeployed either into body bags or into Ukrainian captivity.” Judging by the reports being released, a great deal of russians thought they could fight their way through on that road… but they will not be going home alive. It was apparently such a bloodbath that the Ukrainian forces began to run low on ammunition because of the number of russians attempting to move along the road. One soldier said, “I have never seen so many dead, soon to be dead, and wounded people in my life. People begging for help, but no way we can help them. We have little to help them with, a small medical kit each, no morphine, and no time to render any kind of useful aid. No idea if they will live or die.” Their own country didn’t care enough for these men to order them to retreat… they are all expendable. And all this so that their leader can pretend that russia is winning and can chant “hoorah!” from a stage at the kremlin at the very same time that his men are literally being mowed down.

There are a lot of important points to make about this victory. One of those points is that this was a different kind of fight when compared to what happened in the Kharkiv counterattack. That counterattack featured misdirection and a force that was smaller than it could have been as many were redeployed to the southern axis. That was a case of Ukraine outthinking their enemy. The attack at Lyman, however, shows that Ukraine doesn’t care what kind of fight it is. If they are outfitted with the equipment they need, they will win. They outthought and outfought their opponent. Hopefully this bodes well for future support.

Lastly, in the picture above, you can see the bizarre world that russians live in. This is occupied Crimea. All that smoke is coming from an air force base where, apparently, a fighter jet overshot the runway while trying to land. There were secondary explosions that imply that this landing plane had not delivered its payload, or that it had run into an ammunition storage facility as it crashed. It doesn’t really seem to alarm the beachgoers as they almost seem more annoyed than concerned in the videos of the incident that have been shared. But this is an image of how russians choose to live. They can see what is going on. They can see that things are wrong. They can see when self-preservation demands that they flee. But otherwise, they choose not to look. They choose not to see the destruction that is going on around them. They choose to keep pretending that all is well, even when the thick plumes of smoke come wafting through their idyllic seaside vacation.

“You are my King, O God;
ordain salvation for Jacob!
Through you we push down our foes;
through your name we tread down those who rise up against us.
For not in my bow do I trust,
nor can my sword save me.
But you have saved us from our foes
and have put to shame those who hate us.
In God we have boasted continually,
and we will give thanks to your name forever. Selah”

2 responses to “10/2/2022 – War update and commentary”

  1. Yes, God does say that the unbelievers are blind: ” And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). It is not surprising that they choose to ignore the devastation around them.


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