10/3/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 222): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a start of a new week. This morning began with air alarm but nothing bad happened and after forty minutes the alarm was cancelled. They reported that there was alarm throughout the country because the activity of the enemy’s strategic aviation was spotted which made missile launches possible. Then the news came that Russia has deployed two submarines to the Black Sea and increased the number of Kalibr missiles to 32. A total of eight enemy ships are on duty now.

Photo of my friends at the local defense center where we make camouflage coverings

Because God has protected our town, there were a lot of destruction in the villages around, in the beach zone, but all the rockets that were heading our town by the mercy of God were destroyed in the air and no damages happened here. May be because of this, our people are too careless about air alarms. Dr. Anya confronted us during our zoom prayer time and told not to ignore the air alarms and stay in shelters because you can never know what can happen. It’s war.

It’s good that we didn’t have alarms yesterday and our worship was good. Sergey preaches from Revelation now and yesterday his sermon was “A church of a true love” He preached about Philadelphia church. After the worship we had a women’s class where we talked about the changes in our life and how to adjust to a new reality. It was nice that the women refugees who were in the church and some new women stayed for a class. It’s good when people are open to share and ask questions.

Today Sergey leads a Bible study group that our elder Vitaliy used to lead. They study Psalms now. The man in the front on the photo is Alexander. He joined our church not long ago, but he literally clung to church. He comes to the church every day, works in the yard, helps with cleaning, help to distribute humanitarian aid. After Vitaliy was gone he started greeting people in the church on Sunday and handle bulletins. He is very quiet, not talkative but his actions tell more than his words. He is single- no family, no relatives. But now God gave him a family.

On Monday I usually spend more time reading and studying, but I feel it’s not enough. Please, pray for me to be able to organize my time during the week right.

I wish you a good week.

In Christ,

Photo of a dog being trained to look for mines by our border guards

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