10/6/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 225): Dear brothers and sisters, We had a peaceful night, no alarms and we hope to have a good day.

Sergey decided to go to our beach cabin yesterday. He says everything looks so lonely and so unusually quiet in Zatoka, the resort settlement. If not ruined buildings that are seen here and there, one could think that the beach settlement just went to sleep. It was strange not to go for a swim on a nice sunny day and probably for a long time after war we will not be able to swim in the sea because of numerous sea mines there. Some people are restoring their ruined buildings. It means that they are optimistic and are looking forward to the time when we will have peace.

Yesterday in our local news they reported about a woman who was arrested in our town. She was a Russian spy and sent to the enemy the information about local military units. It’s hard to realize that these people live among us, we see them when we go to the store or walk in the streets, maybe say hello and we don’t know that they are the ones who welcome death to our area. I began to think about some people with pro-Russian views that I know. What if they also do it?

One of the important aspects of work with our refugee group is the work with teenagers who need so much attention and guidance. We are glad that due to the work of our support group the young souls feel safe with us and are rather open. It gives us an opportunity to talk to them and direct them.

Tanya leads the youth support group and also spends time individually with each of them. Vitya doesn’t like school and has no motivation to study, Sasha his brother, on the contrary, has motivation, he entered college this year but it’s hard for him to be in a new environment.

Vitalina has a boyfriend who is much older and she has all these idea about love based on the movies she watches, she doesn’t think about possible consequences of such love and borders that she must have.

Alex likes to study remotely, it gives him a lot of free time and he is looking for a job, he wants to be independent. And little Lavr ( a boy in the glasses) is not a teenager yet, he enjoys his childhood. His birthday is this week and he is happy to come with his mother to the group meetings.

Thank you for praying for our daughter Katya and her children as they travel today. On the way to the airport our middle granddaughter Yara lost her tooth and worries a lot if the Tooth Fairy will find her 😊

I wish you a good day!

In Christ,

P.S. More photos of the teenagers with whom we work.

3 responses to “10/6/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Thank you for your ministry to teenagers! They are at a vulnerable age and need spiritual mentoring and guidance. May God make your work fruitful!


  2. Lord, please bless these young people and give them hearts that desire to follow after you. Please protect them from evil and from the evil one. Guide and direct their path and lead them to life everlasting.


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