10/6/2022 – Putin has cornered himself

From Maia Mikaluk (Kyiv): 224th day of ruzzian invasion. Putin has cornered himself with his speech about annexing Ukrainian regions that his army doesn’t even fully control and actually losing more and more at quite a fast pace with every day. Putin thought that his best weapon “fear” would change the game when he blackmailed the world once again with nuclear threats. He was counting that his crazy announcement would scare Ukraine into negotiations with him or that it would scare the West into pressuring Ukraine to surrender.

But as the article, “Russia’s Nuclear Bluster Is a Sign of Panic” in The Atlantic points out: “To yield to nuclear blackmail, however, would be folly. Give in now, and anyone with nuclear weapons will learn that the secret to success in a negotiation is to froth at the mouth, roll up one’s eyes, and threaten a mushroom cloud. To yield to Putin would be, as Churchill said in a different but not entirely dissimilar context, to take “but the first sip from a bitter cup.”

“The Ukraine war may be approaching its culminating point. All along, the prospect of Russian military collapse has been real: Many wars end with one or more spectacular defeats that dramatically change moods and atmospheres, front lines and governments. Russia’s call-ups are not a mobilization but rather a press-ganging of those too unfortunate or poorly connected to avoid service. Sending men with decrepit weapons and kit and minimal military training into ill-housed and depleted units filled with veterans suffering from post–traumatic stress is a recipe for more crack-ups and many more body bags headed back across the border. It will lead to further failure at the hands of an ever more skillful and victory-inspired Ukrainian military keen on liberation and vengeance for the pillage, torture, kidnapping, and massacre inflicted on its country. The sooner the ultimate shock is delivered and Russian forces shattered and driven from occupied land, the quicker the suffering ends, and the more swiftly the uncertain cloud of nuclear threats dissipates.”

See the link to the article in the first comment.

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