10/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 226): Dear brothers and sisters, The day yesterday was full of attacks but still it was a good day. The air alarms came one after another and we heard how air defense worked destroying the drones.

Destroyed building in Zaporizhzhya

We are so blessed in comparison to other cities. All day we were watching news from Zaporizhzhya. At night there were 7 rocket attacks aimed at residential areas. There are dead and injured, all day the rescue service was looking for people under the rubble.

We had a Bible study with our group of refugees. We felt so comfortable and safe in the basement of our church feeling God’s protection. Yesterday we had a very important topic “ What Bible says about Jesus” We had many discussions and it’s good that people have questions. We read many texts from the New Testament, we read prophecies from the Old Testament. I pray for Holy Spirit to give them understanding of Scripture.

Yesterday I went to the market and noticed that prices for food got higher again. Actually they are gradually going up and up. Some prices became three times higher from the start of the war. We think of making food bags for our refugees. We do it every month and it’s a big support for people who don’t have enough income. We often see in a café that people who come for charitable breakfast never leave food on their plates. If they don’t eat all, they take the rest home with them.

It’s getting colder and many people have seasonal colds. There were less people at the Bible study yesterday for that reason. We plan to buy some cold medicines for the people of the group.

It’s nice that people in our church are ready to share. They bring warm clothes to the church for refugees.

Valya, the widow of our elder Vitaliy, wants to receive some refugees to live with her in her house. It’s a very good idea, she will not feel lonely and they might help her with her garden. We pray for good people to respond to her offer.

Our daughter and grandchildren safely arrived to the USA. Thank you for your prayers. It was a long day for them and now they will have interesting days of discovering new environment.

Not long ago our elder Valeriy when giving his testimony to the group of refugees said: “ As a Christian I have a privilege, wherever I go, I find God’s family”. And this is so true!

In Christ,

3 responses to “10/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Sharing the good news of your family’s safe arrival with other members of Northwoods Presby. Church, USA ❤🤍💙 to 💙💛


  2. May the Lord send to Valyaj ust the right family to love and help her as she blesses them. May the come as one heart and mind in the spirit of unity. God bless, comfort and provide for you and those you serve.


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