9/7/2022 – “To be born in a beautiful city….”

A FB post

🎼 Every word of this song is the cry of the soul of our young compatriot from the city of Nova Kakhovka, Olga Osennaya.

To be born in a beautiful city Where the sun above us shone so low
Where it is warm and sincere
Where is green and light
In our city, it is always only summer
I am not ready to share with you
A city in which it is so warm at night
Warm embrace on the edge of summer
Do not forget that you are just neighbors

Take away the flags, they will return the flags
Coffee for hryvnias, not rubles
Grandpa on the square, return where you got it
We’d rather put Stus there
How are you not ashamed to destroy a fairy tale?
You will suffer a complete defeat
The city prayed in a similar language
Only you are the leader, and we belong to God
Well, we belong to God
Well, we belong to God

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