10/9/2022 – Stamps commemorating attack of Crimean bridge

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 227th day of ruzzian invasion. Media space was filled today with news about the explosion on the Crimean bridge and speculations as to what exactly happened there. Ruzzians don’t want to admit it was a Ukrainian missile – that would be too scary of news for ruzzians – the fact that we can reach already that far. Ukrainians don’t insist – we really don’t care how that bridge gets destroyed and who gets the credit! We just want to see it destroyed. Ruzzia spent US $3,7 billion to build that 19 km structure. It took ruzzians 3 years to build – they started soon after annexing Crimea and finished in 2018. Currently, it was heavily used by ruzzians to transport military supplies to the occupied Kherson region. The railroad on the bridge disabled, even temporarily, is good news. Then, who knows, there might be another explosion!

Meanwhile, something very interesting is happening in moscow. Our intelligence is reporting arrests among the military personnel in moscow, the traffic through downtown of moscow is blocked, and elite military forces entered moscow and moving toward downtown. Maybe ruzzian elites are beginning to eat each other! I guess we will know soon enough! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up tomorrow to the news that putinism is finished!

Ukrainian post office service surprised everyone with how quickly, within a few hours they announced a new postage stamp commemorating the destruction of Crimean bridge. You would think they knew it was going to happen! Of course, they did – it was only a matter of time!

I bet they already have a design for a postage stamp that will commemorate the victory of Ukraine over ruzzian invaders! It’s hard not to become a philatelist these days! I am beginning to collect these wartime stamps for Bria. Her birth and first months of life are surrounded by such historical battles. I wish she had a more boring start. But she will have so much to tell her own grandkids about being born at the time of the fall of the empire of evil!

2 responses to “10/9/2022 – Stamps commemorating attack of Crimean bridge”

  1. I pray for the fall of evil plans and that you will have good stories to tell about this time. May God get the glory!


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