10/10/2022 – From Kyiv subway now again a bomb shelter with singing

From Maia Mikhaluk (229th day of ruzzian invasion): Terrorist state ruzzia attacked Ukraine with at least 75 missiles this morning. 41 of those were disarmed in the air by our anti-missile defense, but quite a few struck our cities. (Updated number of missiles 83).

Kyiv took a few hits and the subway once again became a bomb shelter.

In ruzzian social media we see a lot of rejoicing over terrorizing many Ukrainian cities. Don’t tell us it’s putin’s war!

Meanwhile, people sheltering from ruzzian missiles in a subway encourage each other by singing. If ruzzians still believe that they can scare us into surrender, they are quite stupid (is it polite enough not to get qualified by FB as “hate speech”?)

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