10/10/2022 – Massive missile strikes

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (229th morning of ruzzian invasion): Kyiv and many other cities of Ukraine are under massive missile strike. There were multiple explosions in Kyiv this morning, including downtown. One of the missiles struck a road busy at that hour with morning rush hour traffic.

The explosions continue even now.

Kyiv metro is open again as a bomb shelter. But a number of people I see on the streets didn’t seem to decrease. As someone on FB said, “today is like Feb 24th but not scary”. We probably heard more explosions today but people’s reactions are very different – annoyance rather than panic.

A few days ago putin appointed a new war criminal to lead war on Ukraine. Maybe the new guy is trying hard to impress his Fuhrer. There were several of losers before him – we don’t even bother to remember the names. We also find that the intensity of missile strikes is proportional to ruzzia’s defeat on the battlefield.

Hopefully, this massive terrorist strike on civilians in Ukraine this morning will help US Congress pass the resolution recognizing ruzzia as a terrorist state because the world knows that’s what it is! This is not the first day of a ruzzian terrorist attack; it’s #229th!

3 responses to “10/10/2022 – Massive missile strikes”

  1. I want to hear from the international nations, not just US, condemning these atrocities, war crimes. Why do they not speak out? 😦😦😦 Been toooo long.


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