10/11/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – The day after

From Lyuda (Day 230): Dear brothers and sister, Thank you for your congratulations to Sergey and me, thank you for your kind words.

Our day yesterday was not happy and we postponed our going out for lunch for better time. It was one of the hardest days since the war began. During the day the enemy did massive missile strike all over Ukraine launching more than 84 rockets. Many cities including our capital were attacked. Kiev was attacked during the rush hour in the morning when there were many people in the streets and the roads. Our son told us that one rocket hit a big intersection of the city with many cars there.

Three rockets and five drones were flying in our direction of Odessa region, but were destroyed in the air.

Yesterday attack was a big shock for western cities but for some of our cities like Kharkiv and Nikolayev it’s every day reality.

We made a lot of calls to our friends from different cities to find out how they are doing. Many of the cities under attack were left without electricity and water. The day was similar to the first day of war but still it was different because the reaction of people was different. There was no fear and panic like during the first days of the war. People only became stronger in their determination to defeat evil and drew closer to each other.

This is what our counselor Vika wrote on Facebook:
“ October is not February. Today, together with my husband, I watched how rockets were shot down. And I was thinking about new flowers I am going to plant in the front garden near my building, because I found there some free space!
I called my colleague from Lviv. When the air alarm was over, she and her husband went for a walk because they had no electricity at home. She said that many people were walking in the streets in the evening. She also said that it was so nice to have dinner without the Internet and look into each other’s eyes instead of watching disturbing news.
I was glad to see my students at the lectures to be concentrated on the topic of the lecture, they asked questions about it and we had some good conversations…
There was a lot of anxiety in February. Now there is balance and understanding: Everything will be Ukraine!”

The good news is that the attack made on our cities did not influence the advance of our army. They are continuing to liberate our territory.

The municipal services will have a busy day today, they need to do a lot of reparation works on electricity and water supply.

Todays morning begins with the sirens. It’s the third air alarm. God save Ukraine!

In Christ,

P.S. The photos of Kiev yesterday

4 responses to “10/11/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – The day after”

  1. Our prayers continued throughout the day yesterday and they continue today.
    Praying that the garden of flowers you will plant will be a “Victory Garden” for Ukraine.


  2. My heart feels pain for your country. May God have mercy on you all and strengthen the Ukraine military while weakening the enemy!


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