10/12/2022 – “We will rebuild what Ruzzians destroy!”

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (231st day of ruzzian invasion): Ruzzians continue their missile terror. Last night we had 4 air raids in Kyiv. Ruzzians are targeting civilians and infrastructure. They still hope to break us, to force us to trade our freedom for the illusion of safety. As long as we have a maniac for a neighbor, there is no safety!

On Monday alone ruzzians threw at Ukraine $0.5 billion in the form of 83 cruise missiles. They killed civilians and ruined a few things. Ruzzians rejoiced when putin announced that goals were accomplished. What goals? His real goal was to push Ukrainians into panic, to force our government to negotiating table, to “inspire” our western partners to put pressure on us to surrender.

Ruzzian missiles did strike some of our infrastructures, but it will be repaired in a few days. Meanwhile, we are having dinners at candlelight and talking about the victory of Ukraine. We know ruzzians will keep trying to deprive us of heat, electricity, water. We know this winter will be a hard one, but we are preparing for hard winter, not for surrender. With every attack, we get angry and angrier, we get more determined to fight this evil that is showing signs of agony. Ukrainian most natural response to ruzzian terror is to donate more to buy equipment for our army. Our western partners are also more convinced after recent attacks on Ukraine that negotiations with a terrorist is not a way out and will hopefully speed up the supply of much-needed military help.

While ruzzian gang of terrorists and war criminals terrorize civilians, our army successfully hits military targets – 17 ammunition depots, 4 military bases and 2 military infrastructure objects destroyed between Oct 3-9. That’s how the army fights.

And we will rebuild what ruzzians destroy! In the photo – Kyiv yesterday and today.

2 responses to “10/12/2022 – “We will rebuild what Ruzzians destroy!””

  1. Yesterday I shared with my Ukrainian granddaughter how much I admire the faith and strength of the Ukrainian people. She was encouraged as I shared the stories I had read on this site. For myself, also, in times of trouble I will remember their response and I will ask the Lord to help me honor Him as you all have.


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