10/13/2022 – Appeasement of tyrants does not cultivate peace but assures more war

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (231st night of ruzzian invasion +8 years of war):
These photos from a trip to the east of Ukraine in 2015 came up in Facebook memories today.

If you want to know how well it works to pacify aggressors, it will help to study all the efforts that were made to satisfy Hitler by “feeding” him the territories he wanted. Or you don’t even have to go so far back in history, to look at the “effectiveness” of satisfying the appetites of the contemporary aggressor.

We are counting 231 days from the beginning of the massive ruzzian invasion that started on Feb 24th but ruzzia began this attack 8 years earlier when they first annexed Crimea in March 2014. The world leaders didn’t want to aggravate putin and chose to give the aggressor and thief what he wanted in hopes of pacifying him.

Emboldened by lack of consequences putin attacked Ukraine in the east a few months following Crimea’s annexation. Ukraine pushed back, but in 2014 our army was almost non-existent – pro-ruzzian president Yanukovich had been systematically destroying it before fleeing the country in Feb 2014. The world didn’t support Ukraine then. Once again world leaders were too concerned about putin starting a bigger war. So when putin felt strong enough, he started a bigger war this year. Over the past 8 months more and more world leaders recognized that the bully would not stop until he is stopped by force.

The photos in this post are from one of our trips to war zone in the east of Ukraine back 7 years ago. In those days ruzzians were already leveling our cities to the ground and forcing survivors to hide from ongoing shellings in basements of their ruined buildings. Then ruzzian invaders were only in the east. Now we go to the north of Kyiv, east, or south we see the same – wherever ruzzians come, they destroy life. And where they can’t reach with their dirty boots, they try to reach with their dirty missiles.

Putin has done a lot to prove to the world that he is a war criminal and his country is a terrorist state. Yet there are still naïve optimists or useful to putin idiots, like Elon Musk that believe that putin can be stopped by “feeding” him the territory of Ukraine and giving into putin’s demands that Ukraine continues to be by staying neutral and not joining NATO, to make sure we are vulnerable to his next attack.

One response to “10/13/2022 – Appeasement of tyrants does not cultivate peace but assures more war”

  1. Heavenly Father, You opened the blind eyes of Saul, who became Paul. Open the eyes of Elon Musk and other people who are deceived!


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