10/14/2022 – Defender of Ukraine Day – Ruzzia: a terrorist state

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (233rd day of ruzzian invasion): Today is Defender of Ukraine Day! We bow our heads in tribute and gratitude before all the courageous men and women, warriors of Light who are defending our land, our future and freedom from ruzzian invaders!

We continue to pray for strength, God’s protection, and Victory for our defenders! Glory to Heroes!

232nd day of ruzzian invasion:

On car’s side is painted, ‘CHILDREN’

Every morning for 232 days Ukrainians wake up with a thought, where ruzzian missiles struck today. In our family Nick is the first one to get up and our daily morning exchange goes like this:
Me: Good morning! What got hit while we were sleeping?
Nick tells me what he just read about the latest ruzzian terrorist attacks on the sleeping cities of Ukraine.

We are having 9/11 for 232 days…

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) voted today, on Oct. 13, to adopt a resolution on recognizing Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia as a terrorist one. 99 delegates had voted for the adoption of the resolution and one abstained.

Here are some points from that resolution:

• The Russian regime is recognized as a terrorist one.
• For the first time in history, the Council of Europe declared that weapons should be supplied to a country. Specifically, air defense systems for the protection of civilians were mentioned.
• It is noted that Russia’s presence in the UN Security Council is illegal.
• The resolution supports the establishment of an international tribunal on Russian war crimes in Ukraine as soon as possible.

3 responses to “10/14/2022 – Defender of Ukraine Day – Ruzzia: a terrorist state”

  1. FINALLY, answered prayer, the international community is acknowledging Russia for what it is, and condemning and labeling their actions as war crimes. Took TOO long but at least now I hope Russia will be held accountable. My guess however is Putin will just thumb his nose.

    Praying for the Russian people and the church too, who are held captive by such a regime, with lies, deceit, and being slaughtered in the name of “Mother Russia”. Its a travesty 😢😢 on both sides but more so Ukraine. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Lord deliver us from this evil regime!

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