10/16/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 235): Dear brothers and sisters, Our night was quiet and peaceful, no alarms. We hope to have a peaceful day.

Yesterday we had a support group meeting and it always brings many emotions. Some guys from the youth group come earlier and help to arrange tables and chairs. Some want to talk and one boy, Vitalik, just likes sitting nearby quietly. We order pizzas and some dessert and when everybody shows up we start our group with the questions: “How was your week?” and “ How are you today?”

Last week our people had a lot of emotional ups and downs. They all rejoice of the victories of our army and cherish hope that soon they will be able to return home. They were very much upset and scared when massive attack of rockets happened in the beginning of the week and all of them were happy celebrating the day of our defenders and greeting soldiers at the end of the week.

Then there was a time of reviewing the topic that we discussed last Saturday, they had some questions to think about at home and many of them shared their ideas and thoughts that they had while pondering. Our new topic was about having hope and vision and we had some good discussions. At the end we played games and had fun. I lead the group of adults and the youth group does the same with Tanya, but they do it are much louder and more emotional.

I hope to see more of them in the church today.

The counselors of our counseling center work very hard now, I often share with you the stories of the clients who need help and encouragement. But sometimes our clients are encouragement for us when in our chats we receive such messages from them:
“I just want to write a big THANK YOU to ALL of you 🌷You are doing an incredible job. You spend your time, energy, and knowledge to help hundreds of strangers. And it’s free of charge. It’s so nice to know that there are still good people in the world❤️
Before the war, our people rarely went to psychologists (unfortunately that was a case). It was somehow unacceptable and people around you used to tell something like this: “do some work and you won’t have time to think about stupid things, there are people whose situation is much worse than yours and they are doing fine, don’t pretend that you your problem is so serious”…etc.
And now everyone, regardless of where they are, has a strong psychological shock, anxiety, and people don’t know what to do, where to go with this… and here in your group, it’s like they’re giving a lifeline. Well done, thank you 💙💛”

Thank you for your prayers for us. Please, continue to give us your prayer support and also pray for our clients.

In Christ,

One response to “10/16/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. I agree with the person who wrote that note of encouragement–I praise God that He has put you in a place where you can use His gifts and bring people to Himself! May God continue to bless your work and expand your team!


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