10/18/2022 – An opportunity for the Church (VIDEO)

From MTW Online: As a result of the war in Ukraine, a lot of vulnerable, displaced people are scattered. In a moment when they feel like they’re citizens of nowhere and they have no home, they desperately need to understand what it means to be a citizen of heaven. One of the biggest ways missionary Kirk Norris is approaching the struggle is just listening. And he’s convinced a new beginning is about to happen.

Ukrainians are going to be more open than they ever have to hearing the answers that God provides and open to things that they might not have ever thought about. Kirk believes that the struggles, the pain, the conflict, in addition to the love, the hospitality, and the warmth, is all going to lead to much greater depth of what the Church is going to be on the other side of this. The Church has this beautiful, unique moment to minister right at the point where people are feeling vulnerable and feeling the pain and trauma, offering them a stable hope that cannot change. And the Church can step in and say “This is what Ukraine can be.” Ukraine can be a people that finds it’s hope in Jesus Christ and bring that to the world.

By Tom Mills, Oct 18, 2022

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