9/18/2022 – Ruzzian terrorism continues

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 237th day of ruzzian invasion. Kyiv is under attack of ruzzian-iranian drones again. Three explosions this morning. Zhitomir has also been hit, no water and electricity in the whole city now. Ruzzian terrorists continue damaging our infrastructure. Putin still hopes to sow panic among Ukrainians.

But over the past 8 months, despite ongoing relentless terrorism, there has been a shift in Ukrainian reactions. As someone pointed out this difference:

On Feb 24th government was asking the Ukrainian people: do not panic, do not spread fake news, and do not create traffic jams on the roads.

On Oct 17th government was asking the Ukrainian people: please, do not shoot Iranian drones yourself – let the military do it.

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