10/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 238): Dear brothers and sisters, We have a cool and foggy morning but the forecast promises a warm and nice afternoon. We hope it will be also peaceful.

We had one alarm at night. We noticed that some our gadgets work strangely lately, then we realized that there are systems that try to disorient drones.

Yesterday as usual we met with our refugees in the café for breakfast. People have become quite open, they come up and share their news. Some of them have a cold and stay at home, but we call each other and talk during the week. The young people study now but because they study remotely they can come for breakfast and have fellowship with each other. Two new women came yesterday and we talked to them a little and invited them to attend the group on Saturday.
Nastya, a pregnant girl didn’t come, but we sent her some food. We all are waiting for the baby to come. Nadya, a mother of five children went to Odessa to visit her son who studies at the college there, we also saved some food for their family.

More refugees came to live now in the building of our Christian clinic. They live together, help each other and keep order there. They live on the third floor in the guest rooms. The first two floors are the offices of the doctors. Before the war the clinic was very busy and many doctors worked there – a general physician, a gynecologist, a surgeon, two dentists, a pediatrician, a neurologist and there was a laboratory and a procedure room. Now some of our doctors joined the army -Dr. Anya, our general physician, and Lena who worked in the procedure room are in the military now. Some doctors had to leave. Only few work now and it’s strange to see the clinic not full of people as it used to be. But we hope that after the war it will be different and many doctors will come to work there. Our Christian clinic is one of the ministries of our church where doctors give help not only to the bodies of people but also to their souls sharing with them a good news of our Savior. Tanya, our counselor, also has her office at the clinic where she does individual counseling.

As we think about organizing the refugee center in Odessa the experience of the work of the Christian clinic will be very helpful.

Please, pray for Christian organizations and for the creation of refugee center in Odessa.
We ask to send the donations to Pathway Ministries organization:

E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D.
Pathway Ministries, Inc.
288 Huntington Parc Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226

In Christ,

4 responses to “10/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    Loove these pictures- and the smiles.

    Generation onto generation the name of the Lord will be praised!

    Out of the the challenge of school not meeting in buildings comes the blessing of the youth joining your meetings.
    The Lord is creative as he is reaching the next generation!

    Glory to Him.
    Praying for you,
    , your sister,


  2. Thank you for these continual updates. I read every one of them from you. Praise God for the good work He is doing in the midst of the evil and pain! Thank you for sharing so many stories of how God is at work. I especially love hearing about the ministry at the cafe and the stories from your counselors.
    I stayed one night in your clinic in 1999 when I was in Odessa for Odessa project with MTW. It is truly a special place. We worshipped with your church that Sunday and I really enjoyed being there.


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