10/21/2022 – War update and commentary: Torture chambers

From Jamie Peipon: Sadly, what you are seeing in the picture above is the site of one of the torture chambers found in the Kharkiv oblast. It is best not to imagine what took place in this room with this equipment. Even more sadly, this is one of TWENTY-TWO torture chambers discovered by Ukrainian law enforcement in the liberated areas of Kharkiv oblast. This oblast is only 1/4th the size of Mississippi and the whole area was never fully occupied. The concentration of these facilities demonstrates that they are just a standard part of russia’s strategy. After completely leveling the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, russia promised to build it back. The first thing they decided to build was a big, beautiful morgue. That was their top priority. If you still needed convincing, these examples ought to show that russia’s designs are only for death. Even their “restoration” is calculated for killing.

In Kherson, there are continuing reports that russian officials are trying to escape the city as soon as the sun goes down. Apparently, they had constructed a pontoon bridge near the bridge that Ukraine had already taken out. Video surfaced tonight of the pontoon bridge getting hit by long-range precision weapons. Hopefully, when the sun comes up we’ll see that the pontoon bridge is now a pontoon submarine. There have also been reports that russians, who have been retreating over a dam in Nova Kakhovka, are planning to blow up that dam as soon as they escape. Some are saying that will cause the city of Kherson to flood. This seems unlikely as, if you look at a topographical map, the northwestern bank of the river (also known as: the right bank) is the higher ground. It would also really interfere with russia’s plans for providing water to Crimea. However, a raging river would be good cover for them as they retreat to the southeastern (left bank) side. Time will tell.

As russia continues to attack civilian infrastructure, Zelenskyy is urging his fellow citizens to conserve energy. There have been planned rolling blackouts in Kyiv and other cities in an attempt to lighten the load on the damaged power grid. There is speculation of every flavor about the other power plants throughout the country, but there have been so many conflicting reports over so many weeks that it is impossible to discern what is actually happening.

Lastly, the New York Times is reporting that US officials believe Ukraine can make gains against the russian army over the next few weeks. Specificially mentioned in the report is “Donbas.” They did temper that optimism by saying that there is “little chance of a widespread collapse in russian forces” like was seen around Kharkiv last month.

“Our God comes; he does not keep silence;
before him is a devouring fire,
around him a mighty tempest.
He calls to the heavens above
and to the earth, that he may judge his people.”

One response to “10/21/2022 – War update and commentary: Torture chambers”

  1. Thank you Jamie for your continuing reports. I’m praying God will protect you and free Ukraine from this terrible terror by the russians.


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