10/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 241): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice morning and we hope to have a good day today. Yesterday we spent most of the day in the church basement and didn’t have to react to air alarms. We unpacked the bags and organized all the supplies in separate categories. We did it very fast because our church members came to help.

We prayed and thanked God for every item that will make our soldiers warm, help their wounds to heal and in some cases will save the lives. In addition to blankets, medicines and some medical supplies we received Bibles in Ukrainian.

Our Odessa region has always been Russian speaking area but now more and more people turn into Ukrainian, they speak Ukrainian, pray and worship in Ukrainian and want to read Bible in Ukrainian. (By the way, we noticed that Ukrainian translation of the Bible is closer to the original than Russian).

Our brother Paul, our youth leader, who is fighting now, asked to send Bibles in Ukrainian for his friends who are fighting with him. We hope they will receive the Bibles soon.

While we were unpacking the bags our church cooks were baking pies for our soldiers and then we had lunch together. It’s always a blessing to be together. Olya, the refugee who stays in our church building became our part, she participates in all events that we do as a church and is so happy to be involved. She became a good friend with our church ladies.

Her city was liberated few weeks ago but because everything is ruined there and there will be no heating she will stay here for winter. She heard from her neighbors that her house was not ruined but Russian soldiers stayed in it. They usually rob the houses taking with them home appliances and furniture. So, she doesn’t know what to expect when she comes back.

My father didn’t feel well yesterday evening, he had an attack of arrhythmia. Sergey made him a shot and was sitting with him until he felt better and went to sleep.

We talk to our daughter almost every day. Sometimes it doesn’t work out because of time difference, then we text. It looks like they are adjusting very well and God is blessing them so much. They’ve been welcomed by the church and enjoy fellowship there. The children go to school and have friends there already, they also have made friends with kids from the neighborhood.

Thank you for your prayers and for your help.

In Christ,

3 responses to “10/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Read 1 Thessalonians yesterday and this scripture made me think of you..
    ..Your work produced by FAITH, your labor promoted by LOVE, and your endurance inspired by HOPE in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:3.



  2. So glad that you can keep in touch with your daughter! Praise God for all the help you and your group provide for the soldiers.


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