10/23/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Attacks on power grid

From Lyuda (Day 242): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday morning was not very good for us. There were massive attacks all over Ukraine again. And more energy objects were hit. There were two hits near Odessa and two villages were left without electricity. From tomorrow we will have power cut offs in our region. They say they will cut off electricity in all districts in turns for several hours at different time. I may not be able to send emails regularly if there is no internet.

We had a nice group meeting yesterday. Both groups, the youth group and the adult group, talked about feelings, what we feel and how we express our feelings. We played a game – every person had to write on papers what makes them feel angry, sad, happy, etc. and put the papers in the cups. Then we pulled our the papers in turn, discussed and tried to analyze why this or that situation makes people feel a certain way.

One lady, Irina, who was absent during a month because she went back to her city (she is from Kharkiv) to visit her relatives who stay there and to solve some issued with her former job. She told us something that brought tears to my eyes. Kharkiv is often bombed and once the bombing started when she was outside and she was so scared that she dropped her bag. When she was picking her bag up she noticed that a paper fell out. She took it and saw that it was one of the handouts that we usually give during support groups meetings. It was about writing a new chapter of your life and looking into the future. She looked at it and suddenly felt peace inside, she went to the shelter and began to think about her future.

Yesterday I had a call from a young man from Kiliya ( it’s a city on our southern border). His name is Ruslan, he is from the church there and his is ministering to refugees now. He heard about our counseling center and wanted to know more about our work. He is also very eager to study, he is thinking about the seminary. It was so nice to talk to a young man who has such a desire to serve God. I want to invite him to the Zoom meetings that our counselors have. It would be good for him to see what we are doing and how we work.

We wish you to have a good worship day!

In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of the photos of the work of the group.

3 responses to “10/23/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Attacks on power grid”

  1. Prayers continue for God’s provision for electricity and water. Praying for the many He is bringing across your path and for you as you minister.


  2. Thank you for your faithfulness in updating us so that we can pray for you each day. Tonight in our church prayer meeting we prayed Colossians 1:11 for you– that you all would be strengthened with power according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy.


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