10/28/2022 – The story of 3 sisters from war torn Kharkiv

Tetiana, Oksana and Alina

Admin: Three sisters arrived in Kraków earlier in the war and came into contact with MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team volunteers, Susi Hackman and Nancy Moriarity, and with church members that God used as a link in their trek to Nova Scotia, Canada, where they arrived only recently.

From Tetiana: Hello! I will tell a not very big, but very great story about God’s love. The story of three girls, sisters, who left the most beloved country, left because of the hostilities.

The war woke everyone up at four o’clock in the morning, we knew…it had begun. Dad gathered us all in one place, because we lived in different apartments, and began to look for ways to leave. All flights were stopped. Trains ran according to an incomprehensible schedule. The first night of the search, we spent the night in the subway, which resembled a fairy tale about a glove.

On the second day, early in the morning, we tried to leave by some kind of train, under fire, and were able to go only at night, on a train without a schedule, dark without lights and all kinds of signs, to an unknown destination. We got to Lviv. And from there they waited a whole day for the train to Poland. A day later, standing almost on one leg, due to the number of people, we were safe.

God made it so that I had a boss at work and a friend in one, precisely in Poland. Lived there with his wife, found a job quickly and lived for 6 months. God cared when the government agency we had registered with robbed us, when they abandoned us with housing, because the promises they had made were different than what happened. But in these circumstances, there was on the contrary a blessing, as with Joseph, his brothers did him evil, but God through evil made a blessing that spread even to other nations.

Thanks to these incidents, we met Nancy and Suzy in Krakow, and through their sincere, compassionate and generous hearts, we received confirmation in our hearts that the way God is developing for Canada is His work. They helped to get a year of studying English through the application, and created a group in Telegram, conduct zoom meetings.

We didn’t have any money, because at work we couldn’t even save enough for a plane ticket. But God blessed a part through the church, a part our parents provided. We saved a part, because God gave a person who helped us buy cheap tickets.

At every step, if it is God’s will, He leads, gives both internal and effective confirmation and sends the arrangement.
We are currently in Canada, blessed, not abandoned, warmed by God’s grace through God’s children. God is good, Glory to Him.

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