10/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 247): Dear brothers and sisters, I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. The day didn’t go well. I went with my mother early in the morning to visit her family doctor. It was a regular check up. We planned to be there not more than an hour but spent half a day. As soon as we came there the electricity was cut off and it was impossible to run tests that the doctor wanted my mother to do, we had to wait. When the electricity was turned on there was an air alarm and nobody works during the alarm, we had to wait again. Then I had to run to do other things and came home only in the evening.

Thank you for praying for my dad. He feels better and his mood is better, too. It was nice to see him smiling yesterday. The doctor allowed him to walk. May be he will be allowed to read because he feels bored. Three other men in his ward are not talkative and look very gloomy and it’s not clear whether they feel not well or are in a bad mood. May be both.

This week the electricity is regularly switched off all over Ukraine. The hardest situation with electricity is in Kiev now. Yesterday there was another attack on energy objects of Kiev area. Every city makes a power outage schedule, but it doesn’t always happen according to the schedule, as some parts of the town consume more energy that others and additional damage happens because of the constant attacks on energy objects.

We plan a special event in the church tomorrow – we always celebrate Harvest Holiday in the end of October to thank God for the harvest and for all his gifts that He gives us. We plan to have a church dinner and a special program. We want to invite all new people and guests of the church. But we need electricity for cooking and for other things. So, we pray for tomorrow.

We had a good Bible study yesterday, we talked about Holy Spirit and His work. It’s good that people ask questions and we have good discussions.

We are working at distributing the humanitarian aid that we received last week. We sent the blankets and medicines to the local medical units, to the military units that we have contacts with. Now we are preparing parcels to the soldiers that our counselors Vova and Angela work with.

We hope to have a good day today and we wish you a good day, too. Thank you for standing with us during this hard time.

In Christ,

4 responses to “10/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    It is so encouraging to see your dad smile, praise the Lord for healing!
    Praying for the harvest celebration to go well, for the electricity to work and for much joy of God’s blessings to be celebrated for the church members and new attendees!
    Also, praying the Lord gives you much strength and comfort in this troubling time. I hope all the tests turn out well for your mom.
    Love in Christ,


  2. Praying for your Harvest Celebration and for enough electricity and time to prepare the food. Praying for wisdom and creativity from our Father and for a special time together.
    Continuing to pray for your dad and your mom. Praying for you and Sergei as you walk through this new season of life with your parents.


  3. Praying for God’s strength for you to accomplish your plans. How difficult your lives continue to be. Good news about your dad. God’s mercy and grace is new every morning.


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