10/28/2022 – Stars shine brightest in the darkest of night.

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 246th night of ruzzian invasion. Stars shine brightest in the darkest of night.

It seems in the coming months, we will have many chances to experience that literally and figuratively. We already get to see the stars in the city during the blackouts at night. It’s such a surreal view in front of my eyes when I look through my window at a normally busy intersection of two roads in a highly populated residential area and see absolutely no lights. No cars are on the roads during night curfew hours, and no light in the windows of high-rise buildings around! But there are stars in the sky that we never saw before because of city light pollution.

We will also see some people shining bright like starts in this darkness. The crisis times intensify the internal light if it’s there. We are grateful that we are surrounded by many people whose kindness shines in these difficult times.

And we are especially thankful to God for our special bright Star – Briana. Yesterday when we were celebrating our anniversary in dimly lit room Briana’s smiles and her very presence filled our evening with so much light!

3 responses to “10/28/2022 – Stars shine brightest in the darkest of night.”

  1. Dear Maia,
    Keep counting those blessings! Especially sweet Briana!
    Thanks for sharing the adorable photos!
    Praying for you and praying for Ukraine!
    Love in Christ,


  2. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s pictures. What a cutie. Can see why she’d give you much pleasure. 😊 Congrats on your anniversary.🎉


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