11/1/2022 – They keep destroying, we keep rebuilding.

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 250th day of ruzzian invasion. They keep destroying, we keep rebuilding.

Today morning for Ukrainians started with another massive missile strike. Critical infrastructure in many cities of Ukraine was targeted. Ruzzians threw 50 missiles at us, 44 of those were destroyed in the air by our anti-missile defense. The missiles that hit the targets caused enough damage to leave 80% of Kyiv citizens without water and 350,000 homes without power for most of the day. There were problems with cell connection in many areas as well.

But Ukrainians keep working as a busy beehive rebuilding and restoring all the services, roads, and buildings. I photographed today a building that was hit on Feb 25th, on the second day of the war. It was after the explosion that ruined this building that we started obediently moving to our corridor/bomb shelter during every air raid for 6 weeks or so. On the 25th, when air raid was over Nick and I went to see that building. As I took the pictures on Feb 25th, my heart was thumping and tears were blurring my vision. War has reached our neighborhood. We were rushing to get back home as soon as possible before another air raid started. It was so scary to be outside. All the air raids and explosions were so new to us then!

Today when I was photographing how this building is being restored, my heart was swelling with thankfulness for the resilience and determination of my people to stand against evil, to keep fighting it, to keep helping each other, to keep looking ahead to our future that will be wonderful after collapsing of the empire of evil. Light will overcome the Darkness! Ukraine will come out of this war stronger and more beautiful!

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