11/1/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: Today’s picture comes from Mykolayiv. It is a sad reality that it is necessary to create these bomb shelters for people who happen to be outside when air raid sirens go off. But it is a testament to Ukrainian spirit that they cannot abide the installation of a naked, concrete structure. Bomb shelters have no functional need for art work on the outside, but Mykolayiv is better off for it.

Today, 93 missiles and drones were reported to have been fired by russians into Ukraine. The russian dictator said in a press conference that the mass attack was a response for the attack on russia’s Black Sea fleet over the weekend. They were again attacking civilian infrastructure, which, lest you forget, is a war crime. Here’s a brief digression on the Overton Window: The Overton Window describes how things can go from being unimaginable to entirely ordinary. This is a real danger for Ukraine. Nine months ago, the idea of a European country being invaded was absolutely unthinkable. Seven months ago, war crimes seemed horrendous. Now, we’re completely used to both of those ideas because they’re happening every single day. This is undoubtedly part of putin’s plan. Historically, he has often turned the outrageous into the mundane to the point that people become too bored to care. Don’t become too bored to care or any less outraged by war crimes mass murder.

Back to today’s despicable attacks: As 93 missiles and drones were fired by russians at Ukrainians, Kyiv’s mayor reported that 350,000 homes lost access to electricity. As of 12pm (Kyiv time), 80% of homes had no access to water. As of this evening, about 40% of Kyiv was still without access to water. In addition, electricity to 450 cell towers was interrupted which caused issues with communication all day. One online acquaintance wrote that, over the past couple weeks, she had not had water, electricity, and communication service at the same time at any point. Life is day-by-day.

The vast majority of the missiles and drones were taken out by Ukrainian air defense. According to official numbers 44 of the 55 missiles were intercepted. This is great news, but as I mentioned in a previous post, the ammunition required to make that happen is extremely expensive.

Power outages remain an issue. It is not just necessary civilian infrastructure; it is also a major economic and logistics issue. The transformers and other specialty items that are being destroyed can be extremely difficult to replace in the best of times. Thankfully, twelve countries have already agreed to work on supplying energy-related equipment.

In stranger news, a video appeared on social media today showing someone placing explosives on a russian Ka-52 helicopter and claimed to be in the russian city of Pskov. Sources from russia had reported that helicopters were damaged by explosions yesterday, but didn’t have additional information. This video seems to be the explanation. Ukraine does not have Ka-52s in their fleet, so they wouldn’t be able to forge such a video. Any russian citizens who have no desire to come and die in Ukraine will certainly be encouraged by Ukrainians to continue sabotaging their own equipment.

“Give ear to my prayer, O God,
and hide not yourself from my plea for mercy!”

4 responses to “11/1/2022 – War update and commentary”

  1. Glad 12 countries are coming to the aid of Ukraine to help with supply issues but will continue to pray for provision.

    I continue to be outraged tgat Putin us getting away with all this. Where is the international outcry, condemnation?
    Sounds like Ukraine is more in a defense posture. Don’t they have the capacity to incapitate Russia offensively. Unbelieveable how many missles drones in 1 day.

    Continue to pray for Ukraine’s protection, provision, and ultimate victory over this devilish war!


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