11/2/2022 – From Kyiv

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 251st day of ruzzian invasion. Extended blackouts are now a part of daily reality. I am trying to sort through a mixture of feelings I experience while looking at the dark tall buildings with just a few windows here and there lit up with dim candle light. In this mixture there is a concern about the next four cold months, anger towards ruzzians, frustration that a terrorist who openly commits crimes daily and bragging about it can’t be called to justice, but rather gets invited to respectable international gatherings like G20, there is sadness over all the losses and destruction that Ukraine has already suffered, there is stubbornness and determination “we will make it!” Today there is also an overwhelming tiredness, but I am sure that part is temporary. We can’t afford to feel tired, not yet. As we know, everything will be well in the end. If it is not well, it’s not the end yet.

The river of light on the road from the cars’ headlights seems even brighter amidst hushed dark silhouettes of buildings lined up along the road. Kyiv is living and breathing and fighting and working.

Today there was news that 11,304 babies had been born in Kyiv in the past 251 days and 19,699 couples got married!

2 responses to “11/2/2022 – From Kyiv”

  1. Invited to G20 summit, 😝 Unbelieveable! How can these international countries do this? For shame! How can they not think, see this as out and out unwarranted aggression, genocide, and a power play?? Russia should be banned!!!


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