11/6/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: The picture is part of a Ukrainian column somewhere in the Kherson region. It sure looks like they are preparing for a significant, coordinated maneuver. There has also been a noteworthy increase in Ukrainian artillery fire on the southern frontline. This type of news has led at least one russian paratrooper to comment on social media that he thinks “tonight a serious movement will begin in the Kherson direction.”

There is ample evidence from satellite images and eyewitness reports that russia seems to be focusing their defensive fortifications on the southeastern side of the Dnipro River. This leaves their poorly trained and demoralized troops that remain on the northwestern side of the river with an enormous challenge ahead, one of the most difficult maneuvers in war: a coordinated retreat. If anything is not coordinated properly, Ukraine will be ready to pounce. In addition, they will surely have bottlenecks at the various crossing points along the river which will mean concentrated numbers of soldiers and equipment. Any delay would be a disaster as Ukrainian artillery has been dialing in the coordinates of those crossings for a couple months now.

Back in Kyiv, they are struggling with the electricity grid. 40% of the entire country’s energy infrastructure is either destroyed or damaged. The NY Times is reporting that the situation is dire enough in Kyiv that they have begun planning for the possibility of a complete blackout that “would require the evacuation of the city’s approximately three million remaining residents.” City workers have set up about 1,000 heating shelters that can be used as electrical engineers work to repair the power stations.

Lastly, a bit of anti-propaganda reporting. I have noticed a recent uptick of arguing to stop supporting Ukraine because “they are corrupt” and “we don’t know where the weapons are actually going.” I find the accusations pretty ridiculous considering how unselfishly Ukrainians have been supporting or participating in the fight for their homeland. Nevertheless, there is now proof to the contrary. The Pentagon sent a small team who has conducted multiple inspections of weapons that the Pentagon has provided in the last two months. The team is based right out of the US embassy in Kyiv. According to their initial report, they have seen ZERO evidence of widespread diversion of aid sent from the American military in Ukraine.

“But I call to God,
and the LORD will save me.
Evening and morning and at noon
I utter my complaint and moan,
and he hears my voice.”

One response to “11/6/2022 – War update and commentary”

  1. This morning, I read Psalm 83, which seemed so appropriate to use for prayer for Ukraine! May God treat the current enemy as He dealt with those countries defeated by Israel. Especially relevant was the commentary in the study Bible notes: these countries with larger forces and weapons were defeated by Israel, a smaller nation with (seemingly) smaller number of resources. May God use Ukraine in the same way to defeat the enemy!!!!!!! (Maybe the president of Ukraine should read that Psalm, too!)

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