11/9/2022 – Winter reality

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (258th night of ruzzian invasion). In some ways, the situation now is scarier than it was at the beginning of the war. We were naïve and optimistic then. Now we are looking straight into the face of reality, and it’s a heavy burden. The reality is ruzzians destroyed a lot of our energy infrastructure with massive missile strikes. Kyiv citizens are now used to daily blackouts and are even relatively adjusted to them. As long as it doesn’t get worse we will make it. Ruzzian missile arsenal might be getting low, but Iran is selling them more missiles. Winter is coming and if terrorism of destroying infrastucture continues, our survival skills will be tested this winter, to say the least.

In an interview to The New York Times one of Kyiv city officials said something about a plan for the evacuation of 3 million people in case of total blackout. It heightened everybody’s sense of concern, of course. Let me assure you, most of Kyiv citizens are here and preparing for blackouts by buying everything that will help to survive this winter. There is no mass evacuation.

I shared already that our churches all around Ukraine are working hard and as fast as possible to prepare for possible long blackouts. We now have generators for most of our churches and working on stocking them up with other needed equipment and with food to help how we can communities to survive and to keep sharing the Message of Hope.

All these preparations are tiring, time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. We are encouraged by the generosity of our friends and Christian family around the world. But we are also tired and weary. It’s impossible to prepare for every possible crisis. We have generators, but what if there is no fuel; we have gas tanks and gas cookers ready, but what if there is no gas; what if there is no water, no sewage?

But as tired and burdened as we are, we are not reduced to the mere survival instinct and survival preparations. Last Saturday we had a Vocal Intensive for our Church Choir. #Kate Osian (https://www.instagram.com/osia_kate/), facilitated this inspiring event of great learning!

Life goes on! We prepare not only to survive this winter but celebrate our Victory with great singing!

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