11/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Kherson, the city that became free

From Lyuda (Day 252): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day yesterday was a day of joy and celebration. Everybody talked about Kherson, the city that became free. We’ve been praying so much about this city and people there and now we thank God for this wonderful event.

When Russian occupants entered Kherson during the first days of war, people came out in the streets with protests shouting at Russian soldiers and telling them to go home. When the soldiers began shooting people in the streets, they stopped coming out but they began to act from underground. People there regularly sent to Ukrainian commanders valuable information about the location of enemy troops, military warehouses, trains and vehicles. Guerilla movement was very active in Kherson destroying the occupants and their suppliers.

All people in the city were fighting their war, one of the videos that became very popular yesterday was about an old man who somehow was stealing the weapons from the invaders and passed them to our army when they entered the city.

So many people were in the streets of the city meeting our army and celebrating. In other cities people were celebrating, too. There were many posts in the social nets with the pictures of water melons. Kherson region is famous for very tasty water melons and they are the symbols of the city. We will always celebrate November 11 as the day of liberation of Kherson. As we rejoice of the liberation of this important city we also celebrate the liberation of all Nikolaeyev and Kharkiv region, the liberation of some part of Lugansk region.

This is the text of the post on Facebook made by one of our soldiers- Olexiy Gubsky:

“When we were rushing from Balaklia to Kupyansk through the newly liberated villages, on the third day of the operation, people around were waving at us… In one of the villages, near some educational institution, a handful of high school students – boys and girls – poured out to the road… All dressed up, dressed as for graduation! So fresh and angelically beautiful… They laughed, shouted, waved, jumped… And a tall man waved two ribbons – blue and yellow!! Because they didn’t have a flag. But these two ribbons, which flashed like lightning in the dusty embrasure of the window touched my heart.

I have never seen such bright, snow-white smiles of our women! I realized once again of how beautiful our people are! I haven’t felt such emotions since the beginning of the war…. After all, since the beginning of the invasion, I had set myself up to be cold-blooded, unmoved, hard-hearted and aloof. But my vessel turned out to be full. It was no longer able to contain the liquid that had accumulated. It was pouring out of me. I sat in the back seat and choked back tears. They were pouring into my tactical goggles. We hurried, and did not have the opportunity to stop to hug them and kiss them. These children are the beauty of the Ukrainian land. Our future, for which we fiercely fight. We flew past, and they remained like a short-length video in the broken frames of our vehicle windows…”

Please, pray for the soldiers, who are at war, to be able to open their hearts and share their emotions so that the vessels of their souls that are full of so many things they are experiencing now, would be able to pour it out. Please, pray for their emotional healing.
In Christ,

5 responses to “11/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Kherson, the city that became free”

  1. Allehuia!🎉🎉🎉🎉 What joy! I’d pobably be crying like baby myself, on joy
    The soldier gives a great write up on his experienes. Eloquent, transparent. Will be praying for him/them.



  2. Just reading Olexiy’s words brought tears to my eyes. Thanks be to God for this good news! Praying for an end to this war every day & that those that are without hope would turn to our Lord.


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