11/18/2022 – Adapting

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: 267th day of ruzzian invasion. First snow in Kyiv this winter. Weather is getting colder by the day, blackouts longer. Today was another massive missile strike. We heard the whistle of a missile that flew over our area of Kyiv.

Our church met in the evening to pack food for liberated Kherson. It was pitch dark at 6pm but with EcoFlow Power station and softbox that we usually use for online broadcasting of our services we had plenty of light. Energetic activity kept everybody warm even in subzero temperatures.

After food packing there was a Bible study.
Another day in the life of our church…

3 responses to “11/18/2022 – Adapting”

  1. I continue to ask the Lord to be a strength and shield to Kyiv. What a testimony that His church there is strong in the midst of these dark days.


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