11/20/2022 – Why not peace with Hitler? Why not peace with Putin?

From Doug Shepherd in L’viv: Why not peace with Hitler? Why not peace with Putin?

“Guy breaks into your house, steals your stuff, rapes & murders your spouse, tortures your kids. You chase them out of the living room but they blow up the bathroom, ‘annex’ the kitchen, & hold your kids hostage. What would your demands be?

These seem reasonable:
-Give me back my kids
-Get out of my house
-Pay for everything you broke & stole, plus damages
-Arrest & trial for illegal entry, theft, torture, kidnapping, rape, & murder
If that sounds like justice to you, you understand
& #Ukraine’s demands.”
Jessica Berlin

Don’t get distracted by the Russian propaganda within the U.S. political race and media talking heads. A call for “negotiations” is a support of Russia and an end to Ukraine. A call for negotiations is a sign that you don’t get the situation, or your being used by Russia’s misinformation team.

Keep getting out the truth, namely, Russia is the cause of the war and him leaving is the end to the genocide.

Nothing new under the sun. Get on the right side of history and truth.

5 responses to “11/20/2022 – Why not peace with Hitler? Why not peace with Putin?”

  1. Bullies never become nice just because you submit to them. They may use you to their further bullying ends but they never stop being a bully- until they are faced with someone who can and will clean their clock. Putin must go either to jail or the grave. He will never stop being Putin.


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