11/25/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: So much to be thankful for today, but little time to write. One joyful bit of news was to see the picture above. In it, you can see some of the actual crates that the saints at First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, MS packed and sent to Ukraine. I’m sure that the original contents of those crates were resorted and redistributed already, but now even the crates have a second life and are being used to send aid to the recently-liberated Kherson.

When I think about these dear ones in Ukraine, I often think about how pitiful my efforts are. Just think about this, folks… these crates are being taken to Kherson. The team that is taking this aid is a team from the church in Kharkiv, which has been under almost constant bombardment since the first day of the war. Things have been so bad there that practically the entire church evacuated with the majority ending up in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. They’re far safer there, but they still hear regular air-raid sirens. Even still, they are packing these crates and personally delivering much-needed aid to the literal front lines.

These are amazing men and women and I’m so honored that our church can be associated with such heroes. They represent Ukraine so well, and Kharkiv, and their church, and their Savior Jesus Christ in whose name they go. I have a lot to learn about living life with priorities that reflect eternal realities. These brothers and sisters are giving us a glimpse about how its done.

“We all do extol thee, thou leader triumphant,
and pray that thou still our defender wilt be.
Let thy congregation endure thro’ tribulation:
thy name be ever prais’d! O Lord, make us free!”

One response to “11/25/2022 – War update and commentary”

  1. An echo of Philippians is here. This effort to help the churches and citizens on the front line are a “fragrant offering, a sacrifice well pleasing to God” (Phil. 4:18). Bless the work of their hands and keep them safe, O LORD.


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