11/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 276): Dear brothers and sisters, We send you our love and greetings and wish you to have a good weekend.
Our weekends are always busy. On Saturday we have our group meeting and our church music group has a rehearsal, we also cooperate with Pentecostal church that meets in our building for Bible club for children and evangelism projects. On Sunday we have our church worship and different meetings and visits after the worship.

Now, when we don’t have electricity most of the time, only several hours a day, we need to plan most of our activities to do during day time, when it is not dark. We use generator in our church building and try to be economical.

The well we get water from.

Yesterday morning our ladies gathered in the church and were waiting for electricity and when it came they worked very fast and were able to do all the cooking within three hours. We are glad that it worked and the pies they made were a good treat for our soldiers.

In our home Sergey connects the modem to the car battery and we can have the internet connection when we need it. Yesterday we could have a meeting with our counselors in Zoom, discussed all our news and plans and prayed. Our counselor Roman plans to travel to Kherson tomorrow to take out his father who lives there. His father, Peter, survived through the occupation, but he began to have problems with his heart and now when the city is free and it’s possible to leave, Roman wants to take him to the hospital in Odessa. We need to pray for Roman as he travels there, the city and all the territory around is mined and it’s dangerous to go around.

Using car battery we can have an internet for a while and we were also able to talk with our daughter and grandchildren. But I usually work with a computer a lot, I do studies, prepare for the classes that I teach, I do translation work and the problem is I can’t do it in full measure now, only a little bit. And I have to organize my day in a different way and have to be ready to change my activities each time the electricity goes on and off.

Our evenings became very romantic with candles. We sit and talk. We talk more with each other now. My parents tell some stories from their past and we all plunge into memories.

Have a good weekend!

In Christ,

P.S. The photo of our youth that come and spend time in the church when there is no electricity at home.

3 responses to “11/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lyuda,
    That is great you have a well for water!
    Also, so smart of Serge to use a car battery for the internet!
    Praying for you continuously,
    Love in Christ,


  2. Dear Lyuda,

    Wow! Sergy is quite the engineer with the car battery and modem.

    Praise the Lord the youth are at church. The Lord calls His people in many different ways to His work and His house. Loved the pictures! Thank you so much.

    Praying for Roman and his father – safe travel and help.

    You are right candle light evenings get more talking. So wonderful your parents can share stories.

    You are not alone. The Lord Almighty loves you and is prompting His people to pray for you.
    Love, your sister in Christ,


  3. Is that a game of Scrabble that a young person is playing?? Please, God, thwart the plans of the enemies and free Ukraine from tyranny!


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