11/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 278): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a new week and we start our week with prayer and Bible study in the church. Monday morning Sergey leads the Bible study. The group that meets in the church became bigger, there are some our church members and some new people who began to attend our church.

Yesterday we had a good worship. It was a miracle again, the electricity was given for a few hour and it was right the time when we had our worship. So we could turn on the heating and our sanctuary was warm. Sergey preached about rest in God in times of troubles and we had communion. The message is so important, we need rest in God very much because only God can help us to calm down as we lay all our troubles on Him.

We have a special prayer for our country and for our soldiers during the worship, we pray for Paul, Ivan, our youth leaders, for Dr. Anya and her husband Vitaliy, we pray for doctor’s assistant Lena, her husband Sergey and her son Dr. Yaroslav, for Dmitry, the son of our elder Valeriy who is a paramedic and for many-many others whom we know and don’t know who stand for us and for our country day and night. May God protect them and give them strength.

After the worship we stayed for the recording of the sound track for our Christmas drama. It’s so nice that not only youth but other our church members will take part in drama. In spite of all the hardships we want this Christmas to be special and to bring light and love to many wounded hearts.

Our life without electricity becomes more organized. When up at sudden we have electricity we run to charge our gadgets, check messages, fill all the buckets with water and do washing and vacuuming. Then when electricity disappears we do other things and relax reading or talking. Sergey becomes more and more skilled in cutting woods and heating the furnace. We found a kerosene lamp in the basement and light it in the evening. It gives the light with the feeling of warm atmosphere and brings the memories of old fairy tales as shadows dance on the walls. It also reminds us the parable of virgins and lamps.
We wish you a good week!
In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of our church worship and communion.

5 responses to “11/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Praying for you through the “watches of the night”. So thankful for the rhythm of life that God is giving you. Continuing to pray for electricity, heat and water. May God end this war soon.


  2. so thankful for the rhythm of life that God is giving you. Continuing to pray for electricity, heat and water. May God end this war soon.


  3. So good that you all can worship and work around the electricity problems. May God grant a mild winter for Ukraine and strengthen the Ukraine militia.


  4. Dear Lyuda,
    That is wonderful news about the electricity being on for the church to be warm during the service, I love the pictures of people having the Lord’s Supper!
    Also, great to hear people of all ages are working on a special Christmas program, May the light of Jesus shine through you all and the message that you bring!
    It’s so encouraging to hear so many start their week with Bible study and prayer!
    Also, nice you found the oil lamp for more warm light in the evenings, it is great to hear how God has provided!
    Love in Christ,


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