11/28/2022 – Negotiate?

Irpin. Cemetry of civilan cars shot by ruzzians.

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (278th day of ruzzian invasion): In the past when our friends from other countries came to Ukraine we took them sightseeing to different beautiful places in our city. When last week, a German team came bringing in some supplies that will help us survive this winter, we took them to downtown of Kyiv, which is still full of anti-tank hedgehogs and then to Irpin, the suburbs of Kyiv that are still scared by ruzzian occupation.

There is one place where many cars are piled together. When civilians were trying to flee from ruzzian occupation, they were shot on the roads, the whole families. These bullet-ridden cars are brought together in this one place. Each one represents a war crime against civilians. When you look at those cars and imagine the families killed in them, maybe you can better understand why Ukraine is unwilling to negotiate with ruzzia. Our negotiation positions are not reconcilable. They want us dead, we want to live. This war can only end with the complete victory of Ukraine and the liberation of all our territories. There are no other options.

91 days left to spring…

3 responses to “11/28/2022 – Negotiate?”

  1. How do you negotiate with Satan, you don’t. How can you call evil good and good evil? You can’t. Better to be dead in the Lord. Lord, how long? Strengthen your people, bring victory!Let darkness NOT over come the LIGHT.


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