11/29/2022 – Sleeping bags and notes from Maine to Ukraine

From Joy Guliani FB post (Maine): When Emily Hickey and I took 40+ sleeping bags to Krakow this summer to have driven in to Ukraine, I wrote a note in each one and included an email address specifically for this. I was hoping to hear from someone who received one of the sleeping bags. I checked that email today, and I got this note, “Hi, Joy and Emily!
Thank you for your support.
In the equipment (sleeping bag) that came to me, there was a small envelope. Which made me even warmer.
Have a nice day!

With love from Ukraine!”

Included were these two photos. This totally made my day!
Thank you to ALL OF YOU who helped make those trips possible and supported us by donating sleeping bags, money and other forms of aid. Hearing from this one soldier makes it all so much more personal.


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