12/1/2022 – A Trip from L’viv to Kherson

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From teamlviv_updates Instagram: We prayed and waited for the liberation of Kherson for a very long time. And finally we were able to go there with a humanitarian mission. There was not much time for preparation so the last 2 weeks we prepared very actively. We had a small team, 5 people, including 2 drivers! The road to Kherson was difficult and long, we left Lviv at 5 am and did make it to Kherson before the curfew so we spent the night in Mykolaiv. The villages at the entrance to Kherson look terrible, literally every house has been bombed. Our first stop was in the village of Komyshany which is 10 km from Kherson. We were able to distribute a lot of humanitarian aid there. People needed literally everything: food, medicine, hygiene. It was an active few hours, we talked with people, heard their stories about life in the occupation, hugged and cried. Then we made several address deliveries, mainly to elderly people, we prayed for them. The last stop was Kherson Presbyterian church. There, together with the pastor from Mykolaiv, we unloaded the vans and prepared everything for the church members. All the time there were explosions on the background. Now Kherson and the region are under constant shelling. The most difficult part of this trip was telling people that we had already run out of humanitarian supplies. That we don’t have anything anymore. One woman came towards the end and we really had nothing. She asked for some medicine because her husband is bedridden. We really wanted to help her with something, so we gave the driver’s first aid kit, which we had in the car. The need in Kherson is enormous so now people are massively evacuating. Returning to Lviv, we evacuated three people. We are grateful to God that we had such a privilege to help these people even a little. We are thankful to Lviv church that they helped us pack and also prayed for us. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the realization of this trip! We are already thinking about when we can go there again!

3 responses to “12/1/2022 – A Trip from L’viv to Kherson”

  1. Loved the background music to the video. Hauntingly beautiful. Thankful the church is still standing and you were able to deliver supplies!! Seeing such devastation, hard to believe anyone can live there. So thankful you were able to minister, spiritually,physically. Thanks for sharing a visual. Praying it helps people want to contribute further. I was surprised to see Wal Mart vitamins there. What was that lady saying? In future please translate if you can.


  2. Dear Team L’viv,
    Thank you for the video and the update.
    It is so heartbreaking to see the suffering and the destruction!
    Praise the Lord you were able to go to Kherson and bring relief to the people there! Also, praising the Lord that you made it safely back with three extra passengers.
    Love in Christ,


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