12/5/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 285): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a new week and everything is white with snow. The beauty of nature, which has always delighted us, does not bring joy now, because all thoughts are about the soldiers who stay in the trenches. We pray for them all the time and ask God to warm them physically and to give warmth to their hearts.

Yesterday there was no electricity, our church building was cold and we stayed in our coats. But in spite of cold weather many people came to the church and we had guests. There were new girls at Sunday school for children. There was a moment during the class when the teacher asked them to open the Bibles these girls could not find the passage to read. It was their first time with the Bible.

Next Sunday the teacher will include into the lesson the topic about Bible, so that they can learn about inspired Word of God, the books of the Bible, etc.

We missed Ivan yesterday , he was at his service but we were glad to see Dr. Anya who could come by the end of the worship.
After the worship we stayed for the rehearsal. We are preparing a Christmas drama. Before we always did it with children and youth but now when most of our church children are gone we involve adults .

I am glad that our church members including Sergey agreed to play in drama.
It’s very encouraging that we see more men in the church. Yesterday a young man came up to me and introduced himself during the greeting time. His name is Ostap and he is a refugee. He also talked to Sergey after the worship.

Our counselor Roman with a group from his church travelled to Kherson with humanitarian mission. They took the things that people need there – food, medicines and warm clothes. It’s his second trip to Kherson after its liberation but this one was really dangerous because the shelling did not stop. All the time the sounds of explosions were heard. Many buildings in residential areas are ruined. People are glad there that their city is free, but this winter is going to be hard for them because so many things are ruined. Some districts of the city got back electricity and heating but they don’t know for how long because of constant bombing.
Thank you for your prayers and for your help.
In Christ,
P.S. There are photos of our church worship yesterday

5 responses to “12/5/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Heavenly Father, please make Your presence and grace known in Kherson. Meet the needs of the people there! Thank you, Lord, for the people who were able to bring humanitarian aid to these citizens.
    Turn back the evil plans of the enemy! (Psalm 33: 10)


  2. Oh dear Lord Jesus Christ, please please help our sisters and brothers in Ukraine!! The suffering is overwhelming; even to read about it breaks our hearts. Your heart is bigger and You broke Yours for all of us. Come down, Lord, soon!! Again!! Bring Your peace! Make these enemies fall down in Worship, Repentance and Sobbing!!! Give warmth to all of Ukraine!! In Jesus, Rebecca ________________________________


  3. Praying for these new children and adults worshiping with you. We will be praying continually for God’s provision for His church.


  4. Dear Lyuda
    The Lord makes a way – thank you for showing us how He is working with the pictures.

    I am encouraged in the Lord –
    Thanking the Lord for the children discovering the Bible


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