12/6/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Explosions

From Lyuda (Day 286): Dear brothers and sisters,
I want to thank you for your prayers, for your care and support. Thank you for your letters of encouragement. It means so much for us.

Yesterday was a Day of a Volunteer and our local military unit made a little party for the local defense group that is making camouflage coverings. It was so nice to be together not for work but for tea and fellowship. During these months of war we who are of different ages and activities became very good friends. I am glad that during my time there I could share my faith with many of them and had group and individual talks and prayers.

Our garrison commander who came to our party awarded us with certificates of appreciation and told how important our work is. The camouflage coverings save lives and save technique and equipment.

Unfortunately such things don’t last very long. Our militaries move a lot and the covering wears out and get torn, during shelling they are burnt. That’s why they need new coverings all the time.

As we were sitting at tables and having tea we heard a loud sound of explosion, so loud that the table jumped and the walls shook, few minutes later there was another one. We understood that another massive attack began. Soon we received messages on our phones that two rockets, that were heading to our town, were destroyed in the air by our air defense. Praise the Lord!

But other rockets hit an important objects in Odessa region leaving a big city of Odessa without electricity, water and heating. Along with the military, we value and honor the work of our electricians who do everything working day and night to repair affected objects. We hope that Odessa will have electricity back soon.

I wanted to get in touch with our counselors in Odessa, I could contact Roman yesterday but I could not contact Vika. I was glad to have a message from her today. She has no internet connection at home. She was walking in the street looking for a signal and found Wi-Fi near a café.
We hope the rest of our week will be quiet.
In Christ,

4 responses to “12/6/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Explosions”

  1. Hello Lyuda,

    I always read your updates with great interest. Praise God that your air defense destroyed the two rockets directed towards your city yesterday. I’m praying that electricity will be restored soon in Odessa.

    I also praise God for your volunteer work with the local defense group. How encouraging that your local military unit celebrated the work of your defense group yesterday. I know it is one of Ukraine’s strengths in this war, the support provided by civilian groups to their military forces. Praise God for the friendships you have developed with other volunteers and the opportunities you had yesterday to share your faith and pray with many of them.

    Your pictures of the snow in your city look very much how Montreal usually looks this time of year, but this year we’ve only had one small snow, which was a few weeks ago, and it has totally melted. We have green grass still! Very unusual for the first week of December! I’m sure more snow will come soon, though, and it will stay.

    With love in Christ and prayers,



  2. Lyuda, I could tell from the photograph that the soldiers need white camouflage because of snow. The photographs of the beautiful snow tell me it is cold. We have had some snow where I live in Pennsylvania, but have electricity and gas, albeit at a much higher price than we are used to. You folks have had to go without for so much of this fall turning into winter. As a retired utility worker, electric and telecommunications, I understand in part what your utility heroes have to endure. I pray for them, as I pray for all missiles to be destroyed and that the russians can’t fire anymore. I pray for the hungry, and the cold, and for those who have undergone great psychological and emotional trauma. We now understand post traumatic stress disorder that so many of our soldiers returning from the Middle East face. So many Ukrainians, both military and civilians face similar issues and I pray for them. Most of all, I pray for an awakening for the gospel and salvation of many.


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