12/6/2022 – ruzzia continues to weaponize winter

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (285th day of ruzzian invasion): Since October 10th ruzzians have been regularly attacking our infrastructure with massive missile strikes. Around that time in Oct putin appointed a new maniac general to be in charge of ruzzian war crimes in Ukraine and the maniac (with previous experience of terrorizing civilians in Syria) took the task to heart. Ruzzian “army” (more like a gang) has zero success on the front lines, so they compensate for their military failures with terrorism in Ukrainian cities. Today was massive missile attack #8 in 10 weeks since this new strategy of trying to weaponize the winter by destroying infrastructure started. Ruzzians are hoping that when they destroy our energy sector, depriving us of electricity, water and heat, they will put millions of people at risk of death. Thankfully during today’s attack that lasted 3 hours most of ruzzian missiles were shot in the air before reaching targets.

This psychopathic strategy has been unfolding for 55 days now. We have to survive 84 more days till spring! We do our best to keep living as normal as possible, though not much is normal about having power for just a few hours a day.

We are also preparing for worse. We now have generators in our churches. Hopefully, we will have fuel for them. We have Portable Power stations in a number of our churches, but those need to be charged by power or at least from generators. We have portable electrical stoves to cook food for people, but we would need generators to function for that to be possible and water is essential. We have camping gas stoves and gas space heaters in case electrical can’t be used. We are hoping propane gas will be available. If infrastructure fails water and sewage are a big concern. Heat in people’s homes is a big concern.

We want to be preparing for the Christmas celebration together with the rest of the world. Instead, so much of our energy goes toward battling evil and the darkness the evil is trying to spread.

84 days left till spring…

PS. Photos in this post are from Kharkiv. It’s a dump of russian missiles that have been destroying this city for past 9+ month. It’s missiles that fell on just one city! Imagine if all ruzzian military trash was gatehred all over Ukraine!

2 responses to “12/6/2022 – ruzzia continues to weaponize winter”

  1. Thank you so much for your updates, Maia! They make what is happening in Ukraine so much more real and personal for people like me who are far away. They also help us know how to pray more specifically.


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