12/6/2022 – What kind of Ukrainians are we?

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv: This photo came up in my FB memories – one of my first trips to the war zone in the east of Ukraine in 2014, one of my first experiences in volunteering. On that particular trip I was a part of a team of Support Army of Ukraine volunteer initiative led by Anna Sandalova. Soon after that trip, our church started the volunteer group Wings of Generosity and Care, that took food packages to war-affected areas.

The other day when we were reading an article about ruzzians having all Ukrainians divided into four lists: the ones to kill, the ones to be put into prison camps, the ones to try pressure into collaboration and the ones who will gladly collaborate, I asked Nick if he thought we were in the first or second list. Nick thought we were not visible enough to make it on the first list. I asked, how about my reporting for CNN, to which Nick responded that with my CNN profile, I would have made it to the first list of people to be killed.

Today is a Day of Volunteers, and it would seem the majority of the population of Ukraine can celebrate it as their own day! I can definitely say that I am blessed to have the majority of people in my circles who help as volunteers to bring this war to an end. Since this invasion started, most Ukrainians have joined the fight by helping our army with supplies, by helping people in liberated areas with food, by helping those around who are in need.

Ruzzians will definitely lose this war because their army of invaders (motivated by what?!) is fighting against the whole nation that has mobilized to fight against aggressors for our own land and our own future. We have an army of courageous men and women on the front lines, and we also have an army of volunteers who contribute their time, efforts and resources to the Victory of Ukraine! I am grateful for the many Ukrainian and not only Ukrainian volunteers I have the honor to serve with side by side!

One response to “12/6/2022 – What kind of Ukrainians are we?”

  1. Thank you, Maia, for your report on the unity of the Ukraine citizens! May God bless the ministry of voluntary service!


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