12/7/2022 – Language of the bully

From Maia Mikhaluk in Kyiv (287th day of ruzzian invasion): These kinds of headlines are infuriating!

Ukraine defending itself and destroying ruzzian military targets (be it on occupied territories of Ukraine or inside of ruzzia) is bringing the end of the war closer! The airfields that were attacked are the ones where bomber planes are taking off from to shoot missiles at Ukraine, like what was happening on Dec 5th. Western partners should be concerned about helping us to destroy more of those airfields. Instead, they get concerned that fighting back against the bully will anger the bully. The bully does what he wants when there are no consequences. The only language he understands is the language of weapons more powerful than his own. STOP being afraid to upset putin. You think it will make things worse? How much worse can it be – he openly destroys our infrastructure in front of the eyes of the whole world, in the beginning of the winter, threatening millions of people with death by freezing in their own homes! And West wants us to negotiate with the terrorist whose clear goal is destroying Ukraine and killing Ukrainians! When we defeat ruzzians we are not escalating the war, we are ending it!

3 responses to “12/7/2022 – Language of the bully”

  1. We do not believe everything we read or hear. Praying that the war will soon come to an end!

    May God protect and bless the workers who spend countless hours working to restore what the enemy destroys.

    May Almighty God bless you, protect and strengthen you to pursue to the end of the se atrocities. God bless!


  2. Some people don’t think–and striking headlines are to get more readers, regardless of the facts. Some people say “hidden in plain sight.” There’s no hiding of the enemy’s aggression here! It’s plain to see!


  3. Many of us actually rely upon your reports to hear the truth. We know that what the media prints is part of an agenda. Thank you for keeping us informed so we can share with accuracy.


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